Mission of the ADC

To move Nigeria from the list of developing nations to one of the front line nations of the world

ADC Solutions To Issues

economy issues

The Economy

The country has been told lies for far too long and ADC will stop this. The economy of this country has been wobbling as if overwhelmed by disingenuous policy choices and options.

power issues

Power for all Nigerians

ADC will create a $30 Billion power generating opportunity with 23,220 MW of power in the first 2 years by encouraging all 774 local governments to generate 30 MW..

road issues

Road Transportation

Road Transportation considerably contributes to economic growth and as the economy grows, the demand placed on road transportation increases tremendously.

economy issues


The provision of essential infrastructure is one of the basic responsibilities that define the basis of government's existence.

air transportation


According to the World Bank, "Air transport is an important enabler to achieving economic growth and development.

rail transportation


Rail transport has emerged as one of the most dependable modes of transport in terms of safety.

water transportation


With 853km of coastal shoreline and numerous inland waterways, the ADC government will in collaboration with local and foreign partners and stake holders maximize the


In today's world, knowledge becomes outdated faster than you know. Whilst others are building a knowledge based society, we are sadly currently not even playing catch up but are in retrogression,

Women and Girls

To the ADC, women (including girls) are jewels of inestimable value, apologies to the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo who once used that expression in reference to his wife.

youth and disabilities

YOUTH and Persons living with disabilities

By ADC's definition, a youth is anyone who is between 18 and 40 years of age. The basic requirement of this category of Nigerians is economic empowerment through skills acquisition and gainful employment.

Information & communication technology

Information and communication technology (ICT) uses various devices that include television sets, cell phones, personal computers, tablets, and  such landline phones, radios, and broadcast TV.

agriculture and solid mineral

Agriculture & Solid Minerals Development

For Agric and Solid minerals, the ADC shall encourage henceforth, a Value Addition Program such that, our raw materials will not be taken out, refined and imported back to us.

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